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  • Drones delivery are still not a mass adoption thing.

7-Eleven you ordered a sandwich, hot coffee and some donuts and give you room might not express little brother, but a drone. This is a 7-Eleven envisaged in the future. Their cooperation with UAV company, completed the first single UAV delivery, orders sent to the success of a Nevada family.

Specific transport process is a convenience store using two drone shipping customer carte food, then the UAV via GPS to customers' homes, the selected delivery location not too far away, in the 7-Eleven location within one mile.

When the UAV reaches the delivery point will be circled over the backyard, and then tied by rope to the box slowly down, waiting to come to a single point to take meals.
Delivery by drones are still not a mass adoption thing.
Amazon, Google has also been exploring the use of large-scale long-range UAV delivery possibilities. But in the last month UAV FAA issued new regulations, although the relaxation of restrictions on UAV operations, is still not clear provisions UAV delivery.

This means that, in the short term Google and Amazon still difficult to practice this new distribution method.