Treatstock ( invites authors of 3D models, 3D printer owners, 3D print services, CNC services and anyone who wants to make a profit to sign up on the website!

Treatstock is an online platform for consumers to search and purchase anything that can be made on a 3D printer and CNC machine. It allows the customer to purchase a finished product without the need to know the ins and outs of a technology.

We offer anyone familiar with 3D modeling and CAD engineering to upload their creations on the site. It is possible to upload digital objects for any function: mechanisms, details, spare parts, home goods, etc.

At the same time, Treatstock seeks to provide the highest quality 3D printed products. The Treatstock team tries to make sure that all the models on the site are 3D printable and its vendors are responsible. In addition, Treatstock’s specialists can offer assistance to designers and print services from start to finish, and for any potential future work.

Treatstock also provides print services and designers free business tools such a Facebook app and Treatstock widget that will make placing and receiving orders for your print service easier than ever! In just a few clicks, your customers can upload files, calculate prices and place an order with your business, allowing you to save time. Plus, each time you receive an order through the app or widget, Treatstock will reward you with an extra 10% payment on top of your service fee! Here are more about the advantages of our business tools - here