I have a desktop engraver that has the Nema 17 stepper motors. I have set up the controllers with about 1.5 amps, and it does OK. The Z axis is using a dremel for my engraver. The problem is the holding power does not seem to be strong enough to keep the dremel raised, it will often drop to the bottom of the axis.

 My question is should I increase the current to that stepper,and may be it will hold that dremel where its supposed to be at.I’m using Geko 201's so I can set the current up a little.The voltage is at 32 volts and they do not get very hot.

 Or should I change the Z axis stepper to a Nema 23 that I can increase the current enough that the holding power will stop it from dropping suddenly.

I am Not sure if the dropping suddenly occur only when power off the desktop engraver or when the Z axis stops. 

A. If the dropping happens when power off, then try to consider a brake stepper motor for the Z axis.

B. Stepper motor itself or the auto-current reduction function of the stepper driver.

1. Try to increase the current to the stepper motor and stop the auto-current reduction function.

2. If the 1st step do Not have effect, then consider to change to a nema23 stepper motor