I am a loyal fan of 3D printers. Here I share with you some tips for using 3D printers. If you have other problems with the 3D printer, please feel free to contact me for private discussion.

1.     45 degree rule

Any projecting object that exceeds 45 degrees requires additional support material or is modeled and designed with its own support lines or attachments to complete the model print.

2.     Try to avoid using support materials in the design, so that it can be directly 3D printing.

3.     Understand the limits of your printer and use the line width. The variable that is ignored in printing is the line width. The line width is determined by the diameter of the printer nozzle. The circle drawn by the 3D printer will be twice the line width. For example: A 0.4MM nozzle draws a circle with a minimum diameter of 0.8mm. Use the line width as your advantage. If you want to make some models that can be bent or thinner, design your model thickness to a line thickness.

4.      Clean your print platform often with a swab of alcohol (70% alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol). Because the grease on your hands may stain the print platform so that printed items do not adhere well to the print platform.

5.     Adjust the print direction for the best accuracy. Use the best possible resolution for your model print orientation.

6.      When you print a new thing, you can experiment quickly with the printer's lowest setting (ie, high speed, low accuracy). Because you certainly don't want to spend n hours to print out and find the size of the item or what is wrong!