1. The assembly is easy and simple. Only a little training is required to complete the high-quality assembly. The rails and the screw are usually in the form of standard parts. You only need to choose the corresponding precision provided by the manufacturer.
2, the choice is large, you can according to your design of the machine's specific circumstances, any configuration you need the line rail model.
3. The speed of operation is very fast. Nowadays, many machine tools operate at extremely high speeds, mainly due to the track rails. The rolling friction operation mode and high-precision machining ensure the accuracy and smoothness of the machine's high-speed operation. Improved processing efficiency and machining accuracy.
4. The processing precision is high, because the track line as a standard commodity, regardless of the material or processing method has entered a benign controllable range, so in many precision machine tools, most of the high-precision track is used As a machine tool guide, this also greatly guarantees the machining accuracy of the machine tool.
5, long service life, because the track's mode of operation is rolling friction, bearing the friction is small.