Imagine that you are having dinner at a restaurant and when you order the food, the waiter will ask you if you prefer it normal or animal-shaped.

The 3D printer opens the doors for all those who love food, especially all the sweet tooth who dreams of eating a cake, chocolate, bun, jelly or pizza of the size, shape and flavors you want.

However, print all kinds of food and taste that we want is no big deal, the innovation also resides in receiving this dish fully cooked and ready to eat.

The limit is only in our imagination, pasta structures, almost instant lasagna or vegetables with curious shapes to attract those children who do not even want to taste them. Another strong point is the possibility of printing food in the space that is safe for astronauts. These 3 examples are only one thousandth of the potential and the uses that can be given to this great invention.

A new way of eating and cooking is coming closer and closer, as the top chefs become familiar with this technology we can see true gastronomic works of art thanks to 3D food printers.