• 3D Printing
  • The 3D printer and the medicine of the future

After the appearance and popularization of the 3D printer, many intellectuals were those who were hypnotized by the incredible door that the printer opened to the world.

When they thought of everything they could do if they could print anything, one of the first opinions went to the medical field.

Because of 3D printing we can print from one-hand prosthetics to leg prostheses with the same machine and without the need for an assembly line or long waiting times. Another great advantage of prostheses made with 3D printers is that in the case of children and young people as they grow they could print those pieces or extensions they need, thus improving their quality of life.

It has also been discovered that we can print a 3D structure where cells of the target person of an implant can grow in it. Implants made with 3D printers are either organs or parts of the body such as the nose or ears, we can make them hundreds of times more compatible with the host that will receive them. This is great since most of the problems that an organ receiver or plastic surgery has are due to the incompatibility of the implanted parts, causing a rejection when considering that enemy organ of the immune system.