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  • Two girls live apart thanks to 3D printing

 I will explain another medical case in which 3d printers greatly improved the lives of two small girls.

Two girls from China were born together at the hip. Both girls had several vital parts of the body attached.With 3 months of age, they were taken to the Children's Hospital of the University of Fudan.This medical center has a lot of experience in twin separation surgeries, since in recent years they have managed to successfully separate 6 twins who were joined by some part of the body.

In this case, the operation was going to be much more complicated by the point of connection that both girls had, which was the main column.In order to prepare the operation much better, the medical center hired a 3D printing company, and instructed them to build perfect models of both parts shared by the girls. In this way, doctors could plan much better the surgery to carry out and perform virtual tests before the operation in order to prepare for any situation.

Zheng Shan, chief surgeon of the medical center and expert in pediatric surgery, was the one who headed the operation. At the end, he indicated that thanks to the 3D printer, they could understand much better the anatomical structure shared by the Siamese and that helped them to decide what the beginning of the operation had to be in a much more precise way.

The operation, which cost them a lot of hours, ended with real success. The small ones were several days in observation and follow-up. Currently they are out of danger and in perfect condition.