• 3D Printing
  • 5 points you must understand before buying a 3D printer

3D printing does bring a lot of practical value. Because of this, many friends want to buy a 3D printer. Many friends who have just come into contact with this field need to spend a little time to make up for the relevant knowledge. Today, Xiaowo made up the following five items, allowing you to understand some of the situations of 3D printers in the shortest possible time and help the buddies to purchase 3D printers more rationally.

The first point: the purpose of use

This is a very critical issue. You should understand what your investment can bring you. Think clearly what kind of things you want to print, and what to do with these things afterwards. Just as a personal hobby? Or do you want to use it for business, selling your model? Or do you want to use it in education or in the industrial sector? These questions are questions that you have to ask yourself before you start looking up relevant information.

The second point: size

When discussing 3D printers, size is a very important one. It is very important to know how big the object you are going to print. At the same time, you should be concerned about the size of this object is suitable for your printing platform. Of course, you can print multiple objects at the same time in a print job.

When considering the dimension, you need to carefully examine the machine's technical parameters such as machine size and forming size. If you choose a bigger 3D printer, you need to pay a higher price for this, but be careful: don't give up better quality and performance because of the price.

The third point: extrusion system

3D Printing During the melting of materials and deposition of layers, the material extrusion process is crucial. Most printers offer a single nozzle, which is great for beginners and can be used to make simple or medium-level complex models. Double nozzle machines are also available, but the current print accuracy is generally inferior to single nozzles, so if it is not particularly necessary, single nozzles are recommended.

The fourth point: price

Of course, as with other purchases, price is one of the most important considerations. In most cases, 3D printers are priced based on the performance and quality of the machine itself. Try to think about what the 3D printer will mean to you and make an estimate of its price in advance. Then choose the best 3D printer within your own acceptable price range. Consumables will be the main cost for you in the future, so a 3D printer compatible with multiple consumable types will be the best choice.

The fifth point: printing materials

Another very critical aspect is to remember the printing materials that you tend to choose. In fact, many manufacturers have made great efforts to find new materials that can be printed, but not all 3D printers can support new materials. If you are inclined to use more than one type of material in your model, you must first ensure that you find a compatible 3D printer. Only in this way can you complete the print job.

Comprehensively select all the features above and consider according to your budget. You can choose a suitable 3D printer