• 3D Printing
  • What are the requirements of the UV printer for the working environment?

1, the air quality, the working environment should not have too much dust, particles; air mobility is small, will not produce air convection, causing printing ink. Solution: Select a closed working environment, wall whitening, floor brush floor paint, reduce the generation of dust!

2. The air humidity is controlled between 30% and 50%; it cannot work in a too dry environment, because it is prone to static electricity and affects the printing effect. For example, acrylic, wood, metal plates, glass, etc. are all prone to static electricity, serious Static electricity will cause the electrical parts of the machine nozzles, motherboards, etc. to burn off! Solution: In addition to electrostatic devices on the machine, or when the machine is installed, the ground wire and the ground can prevent static electricity from burning. It is only to prevent it, but it cannot be eradicated!

3, the air temperature, controlled between 18-30 °; not too hot, not too cold; too hot and easy to cause ink curing, plug the nozzle; too cold, it will affect the ink fluency, maintain a good working temperature, can make The ink works in a very smooth state, improves the service life of the nozzle, and ensures good printing results! Solution: In order to ensure the smoothness of the ink at low temperatures, individual manufacturers use silica gel to heat the secondary ink cartridge, which effectively relieves the viscosity of the ink at low temperatures.

4, the flatness of the ground, the smoother the better. Or adjust the height of the machine four rounds and fix it! This will not shake the machine work, ensure print quality!

5, the working environment of the voltage, the current domestic market in China, the voltage instability in individual areas, it is recommended that customers own a transformer, to prevent the voltage instability or sudden interruption caused by the electrical parts of the machine board card failure!