1, Money. At present, 3D printing materials are still relatively expensive, and the cost of 3D printing is still high. Today, mainstream 3D printers are mainly based on the principle of hot melt deposition molding (FDM technology). Consumables are ABS or PLA, which is often referred to as engineering plastics.

2, The print speed is slow. Today's 3D printers are slow to print and are time consuming. And nowadays, people lack patience and can't slow down. If customers wait a long time to print out a model, it is easy for customers to lose patience and there is no desire to purchase.

3, limited print materials. At present, the hot melt build-up molding technology based on 3D printing technology, that is, the main consumables of FDM technology are ABS and PLA, and the current 3D printers are still being developed, although there are machines for printing chocolate, printing cakes, and even printing "fruits." Launched, but the technology is not yet mature enough to gain the trust of market users.