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45-degree rule: In the general model, over 45 degrees of prominent parts need to be supported during printing. Therefore, when modeling, try to avoid highlighting the larger angle.

The optimization design adds less support: the pain of adding support and supporting support is only known through personal experience. After the support is completed, it will still leave an ugly mark on the model. The process of removing the marks is also time-consuming and laborious. In fact, you don't need to add support. When you look at the modeling, you don't have much effort. You can design supports or links for the parts that must stand out to reduce the chance of adding support.

This eliminates the need to add support, support, and sanding of the support area. Of course, the model can't avoid adding support, and you can only add a bit of scalp. Try to design your own print base: the contact area between the bottom of the model and the platform. Larger can effectively reduce the edge, such as the most well-known "mouse ears", as shown below, this is a disk-shaped or conical base, increase grip. Of course, you can also use skirts and rafts in the slicing software to reduce the edges. However, the bottom ridges are not recommended, dragging down your printing time, and it is difficult to remove or damage the bottom of the model. Understand the limits of your own printer: According to the situation of your own printer, a reasonable design model, such as using the FDM printer to print the details of the hands-on model, which is undoubtedly self-inflicted, to support, repair corners .... reasonable set tolerances: Models printed on ordinary desktop 3D printers have certain errors, especially moving parts, internal holes, etc. For high accuracy requirements, the design model must be set to a reasonable tolerance, such as the inner hole to give compensation. To find The correct tolerance is too much trouble, you need to touch the temper of your own machine. Moderate use of the shell (Shell): on some models with high precision requirements, do not use too much when setting the shell, especially the surface is printed with a tiny text model, the shell is set Too much, these details will be blurred. Use the line width: When playing 3D printers, there is a very important but often overlooked variable, which is the line width. Line width is determined by the diameter of the printer nozzle, most of the printer The diameter of the nozzle is 0.4mm. When the model prints a circle, the diameter of the circle that can be drawn by the printer is twice the line width. For example, a 0.4mm nozzle, the smallest circle can be drawn, and the diameter is 0.8mm. When you want to make a good use of the line width, if you want to make some models that can be bent or thinner, design your model thickness to be a line thickness thick. Adjust the print direction for the best accuracy: For FDM printers Say, you can only control the accuracy (layer thickness) in the direction of the Z axis, because the accuracy of the XY axis direction has been determined by the line width. If your model has some fine design, it is best to confirm whether the model print direction is capable Print out those fine features and suggest printing these details in the Z-axis direction (vertically). When designing the model, the details are best placed on the position where the vertical printing is convenient. It is not enough to cut the model and print it. , and then re-assemble. Adjust the print direction to withstand the pressure: When the print needs to withstand a certain pressure, in order to ensure that the model will not be damaged, broken, you have to look at the modeling and printing. You can be based on The direction of force, the appropriate thickening to withstand the pressure position. When printed, Z-axis printing in vertical direction, the adhesion between the layer and the layer is limited, the ability to withstand the pressure is not as horizontally printed in the direction of the XY axis. Correctly place your model: India, the display model is also a major problem, in addition to adjusting the print direction of the above mentioned, you have to pay attention to placement, to minimize the chance of adding support.