At the recent US SXSW Music Festival and Global Brain Technology Conference, the Japanese company Open Meals' product "Pixel Food Printer" was shocked. The 3D printer is not new, but it is the first one that can print edible pixelated sushi.

These sushis, which look like pixel toys, are not games. They are beyond everyone's expectations: they can really eat.

In fact, each 5-mm-long block of pixels consists of an edible gel with specific colors and flavors, and even contains a lot of nutrients.

So what is the concept of this technology? It is at home that you want to eat anywhere in the world. With just a click of a button, you can create a pixel version in 3D and send it to the dining table.Open Meals has also developed a digital food platform that is compatible with printers: "food bases," and it is the menu where data for a wide variety of food products can be stored.

In addition to officially produced replicas, users can also design any desired food in the "food base" according to their needs and use a printer to make it. We create it.

From the "menu" to mobilize data and create food through the "rice pot", this set of continuation techniques can basically make take-away deliver instant state. No need to wait for orders, just press the button, food will be done automatically. The specific operation is sushi. For example, you need to invite famous chefs to make sushi. Then, through 3D scanning and sensory sensors, various aspects of sushi's indicators are digitized, including taste, color, shape, texture, moisture content, nutrients, etc., and these data are uploaded to the database. In this way, the contents of the sushi have been added in the database, and the user can search and download in the "menu". When the food is selected, the printer will start the job based on the data. The edible gel raw material passes through the 3D printer's pipe and is processed layer by layer from the top to the bottom outlet. With this technology, even later cooking programs can send digital dishes to your kitchen in minutes. Ordering and taking meals is as simple as sending an e-mail. Hand-wreaking parties can also make a good meal.