First, the price

If you want to buy a 3D printer price factor is definitely preferred.

The price of FDM is generally a few thousand dollars which is the lowest price among all models;

SLA/DLP is generally about 2 to 4 thousand;

Full-color 3D printers are generally in the hundreds of thousands;

The most expensive is the sintering of metals, which usually cost millions.

Second, accuracy

Due to the principle of printing, the 3D printer has a so-called "ladder effect" during printing, and the worse the accuracy is, the more obvious the step effect is. FDM will have more obvious stratified stripes, and the ladder effect of other devices is not obvious. However, all 3D printed products can be surface treated by post-grinding and other methods, which generally meet the requirements.

Third, the size of 3D printing equipment is not the bigger the better, because the longer the model is printed, the longer the medium-sized model also has to print for several hours, the large model sometimes has to print continuously for days or even a week or so . Once the power is cut off midway, or if something goes wrong with the equipment, it will be disastrous. Xiao Bian suggested here that everyone split the printed large model into different parts and print it separately, and then put it together, so that several printers work at the same time, the printing efficiency is higher, and it is not prone to print failure.