• 3D Printing
  • These things must be considered before you buy a 3D printer!

With the advent of the era of 3D printing, our lives will become more colorful, and it will indeed bring us more practical value. Just because of the benefits of seeing a lot of 3D printers, many friends around you are interested in buying a 3D printer. However, in the face of so many brands in the 3D printer market, it is difficult for small partners to change, and how to choose the right 3D printer? With these questions we talked about how to choose a 3D printer and how to help the buddies to purchase 3D printers more rationally. The first thing to say is what is the purpose of buying a 3D printer?

What is the purpose of the 3D printer you need? Whether it is home, public, educational or medical use, you should make a clear distinction and make a decision. Do not think that the more expensive you are, the better for you. Object Size This is what you need to consider when printing an object. How big and what size do you print? Does the 3D printer's printing platform suit the size of the object you are printing? This is something you need to consider when printing an object. . The price of 3D printers After considering the above factors, there is another factor that you must consider. That is the price. The pricing of general merchandise is determined according to its quality and performance. You can think in advance about how long this thing will take, whether it will be used for a long time, or whether it is short term. You must think about it. Now ordinary 3D printers can be used for two or three years without problems, not to mention big brands. Another point that you must consider is consumables, which will be your main cost in the future, so you'd better find a 3D printer compatible with multiple consumables (again, consider the usage). The choice of materials We know that most 3D printers print materials are PLA, ABS, etc., so you have to consider environmental factors when choosing the printing materials, because we know that some materials have a very strong odor, and it is also very harmful to people. Big, so you need to pay attention to these. Another consensus is that both big manufacturers and small manufacturers are trying their best to make efforts in materials, and hope to find new materials that do not harm the environment, the body, and the environment. By combining the above factors, you can choose the 3D printer that is suitable for you. We also hope that you can choose the right and desired 3D printer.