I. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Noise is emitted when the belt runs, 1 The tension is too large, the belt emits sharp sound 2 The tension is too small, The belt friction covers the surface 2, The side wears 1 The belt and the shaft are not parallel, The belt and the pulley are not parallel 2 Pulleys Detached shaft 3 Pulley damaged 4 Bearing damaged 3, Root-rooted canvas worn 1 Pull too large 2 Belt speed fast, tooth surface heating 3 Pulley wear 4. Crack on back of synchronous belt 1 Ambient temperature too high or too low 2 Wheel running sluggish 3 Aging 5, belt breakage 1 bearing operation, tension overload 2 operation is surface damage 3 over-stretch 4 belts have been damaged before and after installation The above problems need more attention and more inspection before and after the use of the timing belt. Minimize damage to the timing belt! Pay attention to the cleanliness of the use environment, especially scrubs such as oil. Pulley wear to replace the pulley!