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  • 3d printing will not cause the problem of homemade firearms?

Plastic 3D printing is relatively simple, but the practicality of firearms is poor. Metal 3D printing requires very high, direct metal laser sintering type 3D printing that achieves firearm strength, regardless of machine costs or manufacturing costs, are not affordable to the average person. For example, Solid Concepts' M1911 has an external price of $11,900. This price may be artificially high, but the manufacturing cost is never low. The cost problem is not afraid of high, I am afraid of comparison. As far as firearms are concerned, both traditional processing and 3D printing require drawings. As long as there are drawings, in the absence of molds and special tools, the traditional metalworking milling and milling tongs can be completed, although it is rough, the cost will be much lower. If there is a CNC machining center, it can ensure higher yield and quality than 3D printing. What's more, 3D printing can only solve the problem of forming parts and components, and the follow-up processing and assembly and debugging can be equally indispensable. It is also the field of metal processing and gunsmiths. Therefore, many small arms manufacturers in North America, firearms and spare parts companies, custom-made and remanufactured companies, especially those producing silencers, flame arrestors, compensators, and rail guide adapters, are all cnc+ traditional machine tools