• 3D Printing
  • Analysis of the cause of broken wire in 3D printing

After the desktop-level 3D printer starts printing, during the continuous movement of the platform and the nozzle, the filament spitting from the nozzle is superimposed on the platform. If the material breaks during printing, the printing cannot be completed normally. If the wire cannot be supplied in time, the printing must be terminated. So what is the cause of wire breakage during printing? (1) Problems with printed materials FDM rapid prototyping machines need to heat and melt the material, and then bond the extruded wire from the nozzle to the work surface. The temperature resistance of different materials is different, and the heating temperature of different 3D printer nozzles is different, so choose the appropriate 3D printer consumables according to the performance of the equipment. If the quality of the materials used is not good, there will be broken wires. (2) Problems with the nozzles The 3D printer nozzles also have a problem of blockage, and in this case, the nozzles cannot be discharged normally. There is also the quality of the nozzle used, but the damage is not caused by the wire, or the internal design is unreasonable, which is not conducive to the wire (this phenomenon is generally not)

(3) Excessive temperature The current 3D printer printing time is still relatively long. During this process, the temperature will increase. If the device is not equipped with a good heat sink, the nozzle will easily break due to overheating.