• 3D Printing
  • The impact of 3D printing on manufacturing and traditional processes

3D printing can release infinite imagination and turn many previous virtual ideas into reality, including the following: (1) Customization takes dental as an example, each person's teeth are different, but 3D printing can solve customized production and batches. The contradiction between production, mass production of customized implants, braces and so on.

(2) Real-time 3D printing speed, the designer designed a version of the product in the morning, the leader can see the finished product at noon, design a version at 6 pm, and the finished product can be seen the next morning, greatly speeding up. The speed of development of new products. If it is not particularly complicated, 3D printing can produce finished products in 3 hours, while traditional proofing takes 4-6 weeks each time, so it also improves the overall speed of industrial design.

(3) No pollution Since the raw materials produced are environmentally friendly, the entire production process is pollution-free production. There is no waste water pollution, no scrap waste.

(4) Dataization When the development of digital dentistry is mature, the technical requirements for doctors are greatly reduced. The patient only needs to scan the instrument for two minutes in the hospital to know the cause and solution of all the problems in the tooth.

3D technology allows doctors to get more intuitive training reference. In addition, 3D printing can also perform orthodontic treatment and print customized transparent braces. When shaping, is the tooth moving to the left or forward? How many millimeters to move? Past dental surgery relied solely on the doctor's personal experience, and digital dentistry increased the stability of the surgery and lowered the technical threshold of the doctor.

(5) Compared with traditional industrial processes, 3D printing does not require manpower, transportation, etc., and requires only machines and raw materials to be quickly put into production.

(6) Automation can be said that there is only one 3D printer between the virtual imagination and the real thing. One-click production of 3D printing eliminates a lot of labor costs and human error. Regardless of whether 3D printing is subverting manufacturing or replacing traditional craftsmanship, in short, 3D printing has a great impact on us and makes more people more meaningful. We expect future 3D printing to become better and better.