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  • When the 3D printing opportunity on the drone, only love each other

With the development of information technology, 3D printing technology is more and more widely used in construction, aviation, medical and other fields. In the field of drones, the production of drones by 3D printers is not new. According to reports, the drone is an aerial vehicle controlled by radio remote control equipment or on-board computer program control system. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency maneuvering, clear image, and intelligent. In digital earth aerial photography (road, There are broad market demands in the fields of railways, rivers, reservoirs, coastlines, etc., as well as advertising photography. In recent years, drones have been developing at a high speed toward miniaturization, light weight, and high customization. Various structures with lighter weight, smaller volume, better mechanical properties, and more functionalities are widely used in drones. The mini-body size and complex functional requirements are doomed to the complexity of the UAV spare parts structure, which also creates an insurmountable obstacle to the traditional process.

3D printing technology optimizes the manufacturing process of drones. Relying on the characteristics of 'design and production', 3D printing discards the constraints of fixtures, molds and tools, and can quickly produce small batches and complex parts of drones. In the design stage, the drone designer can design the 3D model in software, and then use the 3D printer to produce the mold opening. The whole process of digital production is not only to improve the production speed, shorten the production cycle, but also to save the mold opening cost and flexibly realize the customized production. Thereby improving product competitiveness.

Compared with the traditional manufacturing mode, the 3D printer fast mode is not restricted by the mold, production line, tools and other factors, and can be produced in small batches or in any customized production to meet customer needs. As China's 3D printing technology is still in its infancy, limited by factors such as printed materials, it is still a little difficult for large-scale industrial-grade UAV products. However, with the continuous development of 3D printing technology and the maturity of related industry chains, the digital rapid manufacturing mode based on 3D printing technology will bring immeasurable to UAVs with low cost, simple process and short production cycle. Positive impact.