1, try to avoid using the support material in the design, so that it can directly print 3.

2, understand the limits of your own printer, make good use of line width. The variable that is ignored in the print length is the line width. The line width is determined by the diameter of the printer nozzle. The circle drawn by the 3D printer will be twice the line width.

3, the use of humidity shell. Don't use the shell too much on models with precision requirements, as for some models with smile text, the extra shell will blur these details.

4. Adjust the printing direction for the best accuracy. Use the best possible resolution direction as your model print direction.

5. Adjust the direction of printing according to the pressure source. When the force is applied to the model, we have to keep the model from being destroyed. Make sure your print orientation is focused on reducing stress in some areas, and you can adjust the orientation of the print so that the print is perpendicular to the stress application.