GCr15  steel is commonly used to make bearings.

GCr15 steel is a high carbon chromium bearing steel with a small alloy content and the most widely used. After quenching and low temperature tempering, it has high hardness, uniform structure, good wear resistance and high contact fatigue performance.

The cold working of the steel is medium in plasticity, the cutting performance is general, the welding performance is poor, the sensitivity to white spots is large, and the temper brittleness is obtained. GCr15 is one of the most commonly used high carbon chromium bearing steels with high hardenability and high and uniform hardness after heat treatment. Wear resistance is better than GCr9, high contact fatigue strength, good dimensional stability and corrosion resistance, moderate cold deformation plasticity, general machinability, poor weldability, sensitivity to white spot formation, and first type of temper brittleness. In the manufacture of ball bearings, the standard for rolling the wall thickness of 12 mm.