• 3D Printing
  • Fanning the wind - 3D printing shaped curved fan blades are molded at one time!

As is known, the blade shape of the fan blade is a space-shaped and irregular curved surface. If the manufacturing method of the conventional five-axis milling is used, the machining process is complicated, and the blade is easily deformed during manufacturing to cause dimensional deviation and high scrap rate. And the emergence of 3D printing applications, the gospel for traditional fan blade makers

As a digital emerging manufacturing process, 3D printing technology is based on digital model files, enabling rapid and complex printing of complex, profiled structures. First, we built a three-dimensional CAD model of the fan blade; then, using the slicing software, the model file was printed and saved into a G format file; then the file was imported into a 3D printing device for automated printing.

3D printing has the natural advantage of design and production, and the printed product can restore the design renderings in 1:1. Through the 3D printed sample model, designers can perform practical performance tests and validate design ideas with real-world test data, which greatly shortens the cycle of product design and development and speeds up product replacement.