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  • Secret: How does 3D printing technology achieve portrait printing?

"Do you know? Gucci 2018 show off the horror film in the fall and winter show!" "What horror film can the fashion show!" "The models hold 3D printed portraits, all on the hot search"... Recently, in the Gucci 2018 autumn and winter show On the court, the model is not a new handbag from Gucci, but a unique 3D printed portrait, a beast... I have to sigh the power and charm of 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology, also known as “additive manufacturing technology”, has the advantages of material saving, energy saving and forming without the complexity of parts. It has entered the fields of industrial manufacturing, biomedical and Maker education, and the future application range will be more. The wider the coming. The ‘3D Print Portrait’ we saw is one of its most popular applications. Xiaobian through research found that in recent years, due to the hot development of 3D printing, 3D scanning → 3D printing portrait technology has gradually entered the public eye, more and more hope to print their own portrait through 3D. So, how exactly does 3D printing technology achieve portrait printing? In response to this question, the author interviewed Mr. Peng, the 3D modeler of Aurora. “Scan the portrait data directly through the 3D scanner, and then refine the scanned 3D data based on the prototype photo, and adjust the size ratio of the 3D data according to the user's needs.” Mr. Peng introduced that 3D printing is based on 3D scanning. The human body model data can be used to print a portrait stereo model. If you want to get a high-precision realistic 3D printed portrait model, it is best to use industrial grade 3D printer operation.