1. Use a heated base plate (heated print bed)

Heating the print bed helps the bottom of the original print to be at the same temperature as the top layer, which ensures that the cooling of the entire object is uniform.

2. Use a pair of construction platforms

Some people try to build a platform with different materials, such as steel, titanium, glass, various plastics, various tapes, and foam boards. However, whether it is for ABS or PLA plastic, it is heated Kapton solder mask tape (Kapton)

Tape/PI) and 3M blue masking tape (commonly available on Taobao) have excellent adhesion.

3. Keep the construction platform clean

A clean construction of the platform surface will make the ABS and PLA materials more adhesive. Please remove dust, leftover prints and debris from the work surface of the platform.

4, reduce the speed of printing

Slow printing will help to improve the fineness of the print, with better adhesion to previously printed parts or to the underlying surface that was originally created. At the same time, this allows the printed part to have ample time to make the cooling process more uniform.

5, reduce the printing temperature

Printing at lower temperatures is not an appropriate option. Ideally, printing should be performed at a temperature that allows the lowest temperature of the extruded plastic/and can be successfully attached. However, such an attempt is not suitable for people with heart failure. Printing at an excessively low temperature is highly likely to cause serious damage to the feed motor and extruder due to blockage of the nozzle.