Xiangyun lamp

The dragon-shaped auspicious cloud base holds up the embossed lampshade, and the lampshade can be rotated at will, presenting a picture of the Qingming River on the Qing Dynasty. Behind the unique and elegant shape is the high precision and large size requirements of 3D printers.

Yu Yue Longmen

The hollowed-out fisheye bracket reveals the calmness of the retro style. The moonlight lingers around the simplicity of the modern style. The fusion of the two makes the space give a clean and warm atmosphere. In addition, in terms of shape design, this lamp has the traditional meaning of the fish gantry, and the white lampshade suspended under the squid bracket gives the impression of the sea rising bright moon under the action of incandescent light.

Lunar light

The surface texture of the lunar lamp is uneven, and the detail design is complicated. The traditional process cannot produce a lunar lamp with high fidelity. The 3D printing process changes the light transmittance by precisely controlling the thickness of the lampshade, thus showing the change of the moon's surface shadow and texture.