Because the printer uses very limited consumables, the 3D printer can only print the plastic part of another 3D printer, which accounts for only about 10% of the total cost. Usually, the composition of a printer includes: shell or bracket (1 set): this part is the main frame, which is relatively high precision, so it is generally made of aluminum alloy profiles, and the acrylic sheet can be used almost, and there is no way to print. Stepper motors (4-5): Standard xyz-structured printers where one stepper motor is required for the x-axis and the y-axis, one to two for the z-axis, and one for the extrusion head. Hardware part (1 set): generally use Arduino MEGA2560 +Ramps1.4 + A4988 (4 pieces), this part is also very expensive. Power box (1) cooling fan (2) aluminum hot plate (1) extrusion head (1): Generally it is an electric heating head, there are heat sinks and other limit/photoelectric switches (3) various other accessories (several), such as screws, nuts, washers, springs, timing belts, DuPont lines, etc. And other plastic parts, used to connect and fix various components. Only the 10th plastic part can be printed by another printer. If you buy a printer in a certain treasure, the store usually takes 1~2 days to send it to you. Goods because he is using his printer to print the plastic parts of your printer.