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  • 3D printer restore imaging number one to pay tribute to Transformers

"Transformers" is a classic in the minds of a generation. It is not as simple as a superb cartoon and movie. To a certain extent, "Transformers" has spent 20 years with us, it represents our childhood and youth. A few days ago, the domestic senior creator, Mr. Boy (a pseudonym), used 3D printing technology to restore the prototype of the ‘image 1’ in the “Transformers” cartoon, and once again evoked the nostalgic complex of millions of Transformers fans.

Editor: This model looks very prestige, how big is it? Play the child: the first length of 48CM high 40CM depth 24.5CM (approximate), the total length of the designed part is 120CM. The KT board of the first imaging screen in the model can be perfectly interchanged with the 9.7-inch IPAD, accurate to the millimeter. In addition to the No. 1 display screen, the other distinctive parts of the other base camps are simultaneously designed and verified, for example, there have been many repair platforms...

Editor: How long has the model design been spent? Play the child: half a year. I watched the 65 episodes of G1 animation at least ten times before, capturing each frame of the image of the inside of the car's people's camp. I came to the conclusion that the animation is very casual and needs to be cautious. No matter the shape or color, almost every episode is different. Undoubtedly caused great confusion in restoring the image in the animation. After seeing more, I found that some concentrated images have universal prototypes, and it is the most time-consuming work to eliminate the most special ones and to merge similar shapes into one of the most perfect images in mind.

Editor: What process is used to make it? How many days did it take to print? How to deal with it later? Playboy: The work is 3D printing, and the consumables used are all natural and degradable PLA environmental protection materials. The whole model is not printed for a long time, and the assembly is printed in about 20 parts, which is 5-7 days later. After the parts come out, they are mainly used for support, and then polished and refined. Finally, the glue is glued and assembled, and the highest standard of hand creation is completed.