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  • What is the difference between a 10,000-yuan 3D printer and a thousand yuan?

The most intuitive difference is: molding process SLA light curing 'commercial machine' VS FDM desktop type 'entry machine' FDM equipment mainly involves the mechanism of motion and control, relatively technical threshold and low cost, and the use of raw materials High efficiency and no pollution of toxic gases or chemicals make the molding cost greatly reduced. The technical threshold of SLA equipment is relatively high, and the cost of equipment and the price of consumables are relatively higher. SLA is now the most popular printing method. Compared with other 3D printing processes, it has the characteristics of wide printing shape, fast forming speed, high precision and best surface finish. The application fields include almost all industries in the manufacturing field, in medical and ergonomics. And cultural relics protection industries have also been more and more widely used.