First, the movement is stable

The ball screw drive system is a point contact rolling motion, which has small frictional resistance, high sensitivity, no chattering at start-up, and no creep at low speed, so the micro-feed can be precisely controlled.

Second, the transmission efficiency is high

The transmission efficiency of the ball screw drive system is as high as 90%~98%, which is 2~4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system. For example, it can get a large thrust with a small torque, and can also be rotated from a linear motion to a rotary motion. Exercise (reversible movement).

Third, high precision

The ball screw drive system has a small temperature rise during movement, and can pre-tighten the axial clearance and pre-stretch the lead screw to compensate for the thermal elongation, so that high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy can be obtained.

Fourth, good synchronization