• 3D Printing
  • Interests and hobbies want to learn 3D printing? How to get started?

3D printing is mainly four steps: 3D modeling - slicing - 3D printing - post processing, where the operation of 3D printer is not difficult, it is difficult to 3D modeling! If [Question] wants creativity, it is recommended to learn 3D modeling software (Professional Edition 3D MAX, Home Basic Edition 3Done) and incorporate your own creative ideas into the design works; if [Question] is just to experience 3D printing technology, you can download the favorite model file from the Internet, and then slice the processing, connect to the 3D printer to print, and then polish and color according to the actual processing. In addition, in terms of printing equipment, the FDM type 3D printer technology has a lower threshold, and a good entry-level device can be started at 2-5K. The cost of 3D printing equipment such as SLA and DLP is high, and the price of general resin materials is not cheap. If you start with a 3D printer, please clearly define the requirements (type, use, molding space, consumables used, etc.), purchase budget, etc.