• 3D Printing
  • What are the majors involved in 3D printers?

Starting from the structure and principle of 3D printer, I recommend several science and engineering majors: 1. Machinery and automation 2, electronic information engineering 3, measurement and control technology and instruments mainly study the following courses: digital, analog, single-chip , c language, mechanical principle, circuit foundation, sensor principle and its application, etc. 3d printers mainly consist of three major structures: mechanical, software and circuit. The mechanical parts can be drawn with 3d software. It is recommended to be the main UG, solidworks, 3d printer. Control board, open source hardware arduino, you know, learn circuit hardware and software knowledge, marlin firmware uses the basis of c language to talk about materials, then you can go to learn materials, the consumables of 3d printers will lead the 3D printing trend is very important factor.