Industrial Designer: (Product Prototype, Toy Design, Lighting Design)

Art designer: (toy design, jewelry design, production of complex sculptures, film and television props, stop motion animation model)

Hand-made people: (Doll model, 3D photo studio, hand-made works)

Mechanical designer: (mechanical parts, molds)

Architect: (Building Prototype Design, Urban Planning, Wind Tunnel/Pressure Testing, Model House Show)

Technology Geek: (DIY electronic production, advanced toys)

Researchers: (archeology, medical, aerospace, weapons development, bio-printing, materials research)

IT practitioners: (3D printing online services, new media, e-commerce, technical evaluation)

Coffee shop owner: (3D printing physical store, offline communication platform, enterprise product display platform)

Publishing industry: (Science magazine, popular science books)

Student/teacher: (teaching, research)