• 3D Printing
  • Is there any entrepreneurial opportunity for 3D printing in small cities?

First, what kind of resources are available in the local area. As an emerging digital technology, 3D printing is widely used in the fields of manufacturing, construction, scientific research and technology services, education, medical industry, aviation defense, and cultural relics protection. Have you mentioned a small city, is there a space worth exploring in the above or other areas? Second, what is the local cognition or popularity of 3D printing? Is there a related industrial base involved in 3D printing? Is there a support from national policy? If everything starts from zero, then it is both an opportunity and a threshold. The road to entrepreneurship has a long way to go... Third, whether your entrepreneurial project (equipment sales, printing services, technical training, maker space stores, etc.) matches the local Market demand? Can funding support support your entrepreneurial path?