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  • What are the characteristics of 3D printing TPU consumables?

1. Strong flexibility: TPU elastic modulus is usually 10~1000Mpa, its products have good flexibility and resilience, can be bent and deformed at will; 2, high mechanical strength: bearing capacity and impact resistance of TPU products And shock absorption performance is outstanding. . 3. Wide range of hardness: TPU has high elasticity in the hardness range of Shore A 60~Shore D 80. Usually, the ratio of the reaction components of the TPU is changed, and products having different hardnesses can be obtained. Supplementary Note: TPU hardness is usually measured by Shore A and Shore D hardness testers, Shore A is used for softer TPU, and Shore D is used for harder TPU. The hardness is mainly determined by the hard segment content in the TPU structure. The higher the hardness of the hard segment, the higher the hardness of the TPU. As the hardness increases, the product still maintains good elasticity and wear resistance. It should be noted that the lower the hardness, the higher the requirements for 3D printers. 4, a wide temperature range: TPU in a wide temperature range -40 ~ 120 ° C, flexible, without the need for plasticizers. 5. Excellent cold resistance: The glass transition temperature of TPU is relatively low, and it maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees. 6, oil resistance, weather resistance: TPU has good resistance to oils (mineral oils, animal and vegetable oils and lubricants) and many solvents. In addition, TPU has good weather resistance and excellent high-energy ray performance. Note: Consumables storage: After each use, insert the two holes in the tray to avoid wire tangling and knotting; then seal with plastic bag and store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture and affect the printing quality; 2, model restrictions: TPU consumables are not suitable for printing too high model, the top is easy to swing; 3, fan control: avoid direct fan blowing model heat dissipation during printing; 4, applicable models: consumables themselves are flexible, to the machine line The structure requirements are high. Usually 1.75mm TPU consumables, it is recommended to use short-range extruded FDM models.