The linear smooth rod is a product that fully meets the needs of the market. It can gradually transform many principles into a kind of productivity. Let our life become more convenient and make our production faster and faster.

The linear smooth rod is a product that has a guiding function of a sliding bearing and enables linear motion. The requirements for these linear motion systems are: simple design, best execution capability, low maintenance cost, strict selection of durable materials, high frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter dimensions, roundness, and straightness. And surface treatment, etc.

Linear smooth rod are widely used in: cylinders, cylinders, shock absorbers, textile machinery, textile printing and dyeing, hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery guide rods, die casting machines, injection molding machine guide rods and four-column press guides. Columns, fax machines, printers, woodworking machinery and other modern office machinery guide shafts and other precision slender shafts are parts of the industry.