• 3D Printing
  • how can we quickly master the 3D world as an ordinary person?

VR virtual reality has long since emerged, but the market's interest in this technology will not begin to grow rapidly until 2016. Augmented reality is a related technology that superimposes digital objects in the surrounding environment through a fluoroscopy or smartphone screen. Some scientists believe that VR and AR are more intuitive than traditional flat screens and are more suitable for viewing complex 3D structures. Others have increased public understanding of the technology through cheap head-ups based on smartphones. Their number is relatively small: VR and AR are still a niche tool. But some researchers say that virtual reality and augmented reality provide a new perspective. 3D, D is the first letter of the English dimension, which is the meaning of the dimension. Two-dimensional is the plane, three-dimensional is the space, and the 3D world is the three-dimensional space. Simply put, our life is a space world, if we pass through some data to change our lives. 3D printing technology came into being. In fact, in our lives, we are often shocked by the technology of 3D printing, because it is really amazing. Here are a lot of big production movies for the characters created by the 3D printing technology.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

The Avengers 2

Marvelous Series of Dark Panthers