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  • What is the reason for stopping extrusion in 3d printing?

If your 3D printer starts printing normally, but suddenly stops extruding during the subsequent printing process, some typical reasons will cause this result. Below we will explain these reasons one by one and provide suggestions for troubleshooting.

Consumables are used up: This is obvious, but before checking other factors, be sure to confirm that there are still supplies in the nozzle. If the supply is empty, you will need to load a new one and continue printing. (Additionally, it is also possible that the consumables are broken in front of the wire feed wheel)

The consumables are fed by the wire feed roller: During the printing process, the continuous rotation of the extrusion motor will attempt to push the consumable into the nozzle so your printer can continue to extrude the plastic. But when you try too fast printing speed or squeeze too much plastic, the extrusion motor will eventually slip because the wire feed wheel can't catch the consumables because of too much wear and tear on the consumables. If your extrusion motor is spinning, but the consumables are not moving, it may be the reason. Please refer to the “Supply Wear” section for more detailed information and how to solve the problem.

Extruder blockage: After eliminating the above two reasons, it is possible that the extruder is blocked. If this happens during the printing process, you will need to check and confirm that the consumables are clean and that there is dust on the consumables. If a lot of dust is stuck on the consumables, it may accumulate in the nozzle and cause blockage. There are other reasons that can cause the extruder to clog, see the "Extruder Blocking" section.

Excessive motor drive circuit over temperature: The working strength of the extruder motor is amazing during the printing process. It continues to rotate back and forth, pulling the consumables before and after. Faster action requires a larger current, which can cause the motor drive circuit to overheat if the printer's circuitry is not sufficiently cooled. These drive circuits are usually protected by temperature cut-off, and if the temperature is too high, the drive circuit will stop working. If so, the X and Y axis motors will continue to rotate and move the extruder head, but the extruder motor will not rotate. The only solution is to turn off the printer and allow the circuit to cool down. If this problem persists, you can also add an extra cooling fan.