Step 1 Make the XYZ axis

Disassemble the DVD drive and take part of it as the X and Y axes of the printer; solder the cable to the motor of the optical drive;Disassemble the floppy disk drive, take part of it as the Z axis of the printer; solder the connection wire to the driven motor; connect the X-axis with hot melt adhesive.

Step 2 Make the printer main structure

Take an aluminum alloy panel to make a 3D printer baseplate; cut the angle steel, make the printer pillar and fix it on the bottom plate; fix the XYZ shaft on the pillar and the bottom plate.

Step 3 Install the printer core

Install the Arduino board and 12V switching power supply on the backplane; mount the nozzle on the Z-axis.

Step 4 Install the printing platform and feed tube

Take two acrylic plates, make a printing platform, and install it on the Y-axis;

Install the feed tube and connect to the nozzle and feed motor.

Step 5 Main control board connection

Connect the nozzle and cooling fan cable to the 3D print control board; and install the 3D print control board to the Arduino board.

Step 6 Install the limit switch

Install the limit switches at the end of the XYZ axis and connect them to the main control board.

Use a bobbin to organize the cable.

Step 7 Connect the feed motor

Connect the feed motor to the main control board and prepare to connect to the computer.

Step 8 Burn the firmware

Upload the control program of the 3D printer to the Arduino board

Click on the circuit diagram and code

Step 9 Test the printer

Open the slicing software, debug the parameters, import the model, and test the printer.