It is well known that 3D printing is playing a huge role in the manufacturing industry, but there is no achievement in the consumer field. Xiaomi’s launch of 3D printing sports shoes crowdfunding indicates that 3D printing is going to start the first shot in the consumer field.

This 3D printed sneakers are called FREETIE volley 3D printed sneakers, the main 3D printed soles, the unique features of the hollow shock absorption design, fish bone arch locking system.

The material of the sole is TPU material. According to the static size of the national foot and the corresponding dynamic foot pressure data during the running, the tens of thousands of post-deduction modeling is performed, and then matched with the simulation analysis technology. The powder TPU is subjected to selective laser sintering printing. In addition, the 3D printed soles only take 1.5 hours, which is quite fast from the speed point of view.

Since the business chooses 3D printing technology to make the sole, it must be based on the unique advantages of 3D printing, such as hollow parts that are difficult to make in traditional crafts. It is reported that this crowdfunding sports shoes use 3D printing technology to break the limitations of traditional craftsmanship, combined with the characteristics of human foot forces, to create a low-to-medium bionic lightweight design structure, propaganda this is the future sports shoes.