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  • A pair of 2499 yuan 3D printed running shoes, will you pay for it?

A pair of shoes, 3D printing, and then printed the Adidas brand, limited to 10,000 pairs, how much are you willing to pay for it?

Adidas gave the price tag: 2499 yuan. On November 17, Adidas officially launched the 3D printed sports shoes AlphaEDGE 4D. This sneaker is divided into men's and women's models, which started to be sold in small areas last June. At present, this shoe has not yet been boarded in the Adidas Tmall flagship store, but it can be placed on the Adidas official website.

Normally, Adidas's average sneakers typically last 18 months or more from design to market. Adidas Boost, known as "the strongest running shoe in history", has been using it for six years from research and development to application. However, the reality is that most sports shoes are often not available for more than a year. If the speed of new shoes is not as fast as the trend, the brand may face an ending that has been abandoned by consumers.

Therefore, after Boost Technology invented the industry standard of “stepping on the squat”, Adidas needs to develop a blast that can continue the legend as soon as possible, in order to maintain a good result of 8% growth in Q18 in 2018. Want to find a new good story in the old terrier of 3D printing, Carbon's "light and oxygen" may be one of them.

"This is not only a new milestone for Adidas, but also a milestone for the entire industry. We have successfully broken through some bottlenecks." The printing time for Carbon's shoe midsole has been reduced from the original 1.5 hours to 20 minutes, Adidas' technical innovation supervisor Gerd Manz said this in an interview with CNN.