Some start-up design companies and fashion agencies have begun to try to use 3D printing to make clothing and accessories. The commercial 3D printers used are expensive and better. However, the use of 3D printing made of exotic clothes, shoes, is clearly not a mass-grade product.

At present, the application of 3D printing is mainly concentrated in the medical, industrial, design, fashion and other industries, and is not directly used for large-scale finished product manufacturing, but concentrated in the early stage of research and development and experiment. 3D printing has not completely failed, but its consumerization has encountered obvious bottlenecks. Ordinary consumers are not flustered by this expensive, time-consuming and unstable production technology. The low enthusiasm can not make HP and other big companies more active. Promotion.

Gartner accurately predicted two years ago that consumer 3D printing will come at least five years before, and commercial and medical applications will have a major impact in the short term.