• 3D Printing
  • A good opportunity for the 3D printing industry

At the 2018 Yunqi Conference held recently, Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun said in a new manufacturing: "In the next 10-15 years, all manufacturing industries will face unprecedented pain, and new manufacturing will create presence in it. The opportunity of volume."

Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba's Board of Directors, reports that in fact, the traditional manufacturing industry is already suffering, and problems such as low efficiency, high cost, homogenization and environmental pollution are plaguing them. When the author communicated with many bosses of traditional manufacturing, they all said that the manufacturing industry is difficult to do. If they do not transform, they will close down sooner or later. In fact, traditional manufacturing needs to adopt new technologies and new models to carry out transformation and upgrading. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced costs, product innovation and reduced pollution. In such a process, 3D printing technology, as a highly developed high-tech, is playing a role as a booster. The traditional manufacturing industry is facing difficulties, and it is a good opportunity for new technologies represented by the 3D printing industry. After several years of promotion and practice, we can clearly see that in some industries, the 3D printing industry has replaced or is replacing traditional manufacturing methods such as jewelry, dentistry, clapper, shoes, engines, molds and so on. More and more industries are accepting 3D printing and innovating their applications.