In this era of individuality and emphasis on taste, you must not want to be labeled as plain and ugly, and you will find ways to highlight your own differences, not to be the passerby who is obscured and habitually ignored. However, under the traditional mode of relying on uniform molds for mass production, it is not an easy task to express your individuality in your life. Don't worry, this problem that often bothers you can be solved by 3D printing technology. Of course, even in the existing manufacturing mode, customization is not a new concept, but traditional personalized, small-quantity physical customization is basically based on the production and production of two-dimensional graphics, data, etc. Mass customization is limited by product shape and special process requirements, and is strictly pseudo-customized in a strict sense. You may ask, is the personalization based on 3D printing technology so powerful? Let's explore it together. The benefits of 3D printing customization Scale customization is the production of low-cost, high-quality customized products in batches and efficiently according to the individual needs of customers. For traditional product customization, due to the cumbersome steps and the often high cost, the general public is often discouraged. 3D printing technology has the advantages of easy on-demand manufacturing, precise physical reproduction, multiple combinations of materials, and reduced waste by-products, which can reduce manufacturing costs by about 50%, shorten processing cycles by 70%, and realize integration of design and manufacturing. Consumer-grade product customization is no longer out of reach. 3D printing technology is personalized, complicated, and does not require the characteristics of molds, making the production process more flexible, and can meet the diverse needs of consumers, providing efficient and convenient personalized customization services. In addition, users can participate in the process of product design and production, greatly enhancing the consumer experience. The status quo of 3D printing customization After years of development, 3D printing technology has entered the fields of industrial manufacturing, construction, automobile, design, cultural creation, education, medical care, toys, home, etc., gradually changing people's work and lifestyle. It is predicted that global 3D printing spending will exceed $14 billion in 2019. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, relying on the personalized customization of 3D printing technology has become an important consumer trend. For example, 3D printed portraits from the north and south, 3D printed lunar lights in the country, 3D printed crafts with full personality, 3D printed souvenirs with special meaning, household items with aesthetic and functional effects, and even 3D printed clothes and shoes. Cap and so on. To be exaggerated, if you don't have 3D printed objects around you, you may be out of date.