• 3D Printing
  • US military builds barracks with 3D printers

According to the "Spanish newspaper" website reported on September 16, 3D printers appear in more and more places, in addition to printing metal parts in the industrial and automotive industries, 3D printers can also be used to build houses.

The report said that the US military thought of this and proved it in practice: 3D printers can build safe military camps faster than manpower.

For example, a 3D printer can build a complete barracks in two days. The barracks were completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers R&D Center and the Marine Corps System Command (MCSC), with an area of approximately 46 square meters and a construction time of less than 40 hours. In general, it takes about 10 Marines to build a barrack of the same size, so 3D printers save a lot of manpower.

MCSC Commander Matthew Friedel explained: "In actual combat and simulation, we don't want the Marines to wave their hammers and hold the plywood." This technology is not only used in the military field, but also used. Humanitarian assistance helps to resettle residents more quickly.