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  • How to quickly determine the parameter values ​​required for a DC fan

 1. Confirm the voltage of the DC fan. Please ask the supplier to make 2 samples of the medium speed and provide the sample. Power on the test, there will be three results. If you try it, OK is better. If the DC fan The air volume is small or the noise is large. We can make the following adjustments.

 2. The air volume is small, we can increase the adjustable power supply voltage for energizing the micro fan slowly, the speed will increase slowly, and the air volume will become larger and larger, until we confirm that the air volume of the DC fan can meet the needs of the equipment. And note the voltage at this time.

   3. The noise is large. We can reduce the DC fan voltage by the same method, the speed will decrease, the noise will be smaller, and the voltage at this time will also be recorded. Through two steps of 2, 3, the sample and voltage value are provided to the DC fan supplier, record the speed under the voltage at that time, and re-do a sample, basically it can be, if it is not through these two steps, we can get from the first Steps start, change the size and ask the supplier to do a sample, but with the first sample test experience, the chance of success is even greater.