Reason 1.

The nozzle is too far away from the table: adjust the distance between the table and the nozzle, and the distance is preferably controlled to pass a thin business card thickness. The line width of the first layer of printing should be about 1mm, and the distribution is even and flat.

Reason 2.

The temperature of the printing platform is too high or too low: when printing ABS material, the table temperature should be around 100-120 °C, and the table temperature should be between 40-60 °C when printing PLA materials.

Reason 3.

Printing consumables: Different manufacturers' printing consumables have different melting points and need to be set according to the optimal printing temperature of the consumables. Excellent intelligent 1.75mm special PLA consumables melting point is 185-205 ° C, suitable for remote feeding, low melting point has excellent melt index, can also print better results in high-speed printing.

Reason 4.

When printing ABS materials, it is common to apply a high-temperature film on the workbench. Printing PLA materials generally puts a textured paper on the workbench. (After pasting the textured paper, there will be a problem that the model is not easy to remove. After the print model is finished, heating the printing platform to 80 °C will be better to take out). The intelligent machine is equipped with a special frosted high temperature 3D printing platform film, which has good adhesion, strong wear resistance and resistance, no need to repeatedly paste, can be reused, and is more beautiful and convenient than disposable stickers.

Reason 5.

Model contact surface printing platform area is too small: can be improved by reducing the printing speed, changing the model effect, adding a base or along the number of coils.