• 3D Printing
  • American students use 3D printers to create prosthetic limbs

Recently, a high school student in the northeastern state of Arkansas used a 3D printer to successfully print a prosthetic for an 8-month-old duck, hoping to restore it to normal walking.

According to reports, the little duck with the prosthetic name is called Pepe. Master Smith said that "Pepe" was bitten off by a turtle shortly after his birth, and as it grew older, the action was increasingly restricted.

After learning about the situation of Pepe, the students of the Amilo Middle School in Arkansas volunteered to help. The head of the school lab said that students Cook, Patel and Simmons tried about 30 times before they succeeded in producing the right prosthetic.

The help of the students made Smith grateful. Smith said that Pepe, who installed the prosthetic, is very "happy" and can now run and jump, no different from the average duck.