The air gap magnetic density can be greatly improved, and the motor index can achieve a good design. The direct effect is that the motor is reduced in size and weight is reduced. Not only that, but also has excellent control performance compared to other motors.

In addition, the DC fan is mostly a DC brushless motor, and the brushless DC motor is greatly simplified in structure because the collector ring and the brush for excitation are omitted. At the same time, not only the processability of the motor is improved, but also the mechanical reliability of the motor operation is greatly enhanced and the life is increased.

     The emergence of DC fans has led to a technical reform in the relevant industry, with DC fans designed with the theme of energy saving and environmental protection. High-capacity, low-noise, long-life and high-density cloud computing centers require high-density cloud computing, and the highly efficient and energy-saving patented motor design reduces energy consumption and saves business operating expenses.