There are so many unsatisfactory manufacturers of DC fans in China. Under such a premise that there is no doorway and no positioning for DC fan manufacturers, we only rely on the Internet to understand the basic qualifications of DC fan manufacturers.

Choosing the brand's good fan from the brand means choosing the quality, which is an important guarantee for the quality of the DC fan. From the appearance, it should be thicker overall, the color is relatively pure (especially black, not important to the color fan), there is no burr at the edge of the frame leaf, see the thickness of the fan blade (very important because Too thin and easy to break), there is not much deformation when the frame is pinched by hand.

The DC fan should also be selected from the bearing because the bearing is divided into two types: ball bearing and oil bearing. Ball bearings have a long service life and low noise, but the price is slightly more expensive. The service life of oil-impregnated bearings is 1/3 shorter than that of ball bearings. Some noise may occur after a period of use (more than one year), but the price is cheap.